Koch-CableTec develops and manufactures wiring harness, electronic control units, electromechanical assemblies and switch cabinet in the highest quality and reliability.

With our flexibility and experience, we take over already existing projects and constructions.

We design, develop and manufacture in our company. We deliver our ISO-certificated quality in big, middle and small serial production, and a single prototyping manufacture.

We can send you samples of our work, so you can check the quality of our manufacturing.

cable manufacture

We manufacture wire, wire sets, adaptor cable and wiring harness for small and big projects - customized and financially.

In all dimensions and variations, handmade or by machine supported. With high-quality plug connections, terminal cases.

We work with 100-percent final audit, with complete batches control and quality control. We guarantee terminals supervision and recording, consistently back pursuable up to the manufacture batches.


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Koch-CableTec GmbH

Koch-CableTec GmbH löst als anerkannter Spezialist Ihre anspruchsvollen Aufgaben rund um Kabel und Leitungen.

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