Full-System-Concept: 6 modules to the best result

As a system supplier for cable solutions, we want to offer you the greatest use. We developed our Koch-CableTec Full-System-Concept that covers the whole process chain in six modules.

Our services start in the idea development and concept, over prototyping, manufacturing, assembly, up to after Sales care and change management. You select whether you instruct us with a single module or transfer the whole process to us. We advise you with pleasure. 

Modul 1 - Idee + concept Modul 3 - Prototyp Modul 6 - After Sales Modul 4 - Fertigung Modul 2 - Entwicklung Modul 5 - Integration

Full-System-Concept: Your benefit

The Full-System-Concept with six modules is the best solution for high quality standard, budget advantage and time advantage.

We hold ready for you always the most current development-know-how and look after the whole process chain. You can look forward on your core competences.

Your project can be implemented quickly and smoothly. In the case of technical rescheduling our development team can react very flexibly with our in-house production.

We provide for functioning expiries with all external partners. In the production process, we protect the quantity and the highest quality.

Further to module 1 - idea + concept

Koch-CableTec GmbH

Koch-CableTec GmbH löst als anerkannter Spezialist Ihre anspruchsvollen Aufgaben rund um Kabel und Leitungen.

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