Commitment of the management

The top management demonstrates your commitment to the development and realization as well as the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the QM system. To implement our quality management system, we are committed to ensuring, executing, or determining the importance of customer requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, management evaluation, and resource availability. We commit all employees to actively participate in the above goals and demands.



company policy


We are a consulting, engineering and manufacturing company, with us our customer receives the quality and service you expect from a system supplier.

It is part of our job to know exactly our customers and what their needs. We work closely with you to ensure that the solutions we offer are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.


dynamic corporate development

When Koch-CableTec was founded in 2009, it specialized in the development of special vehicle solutions. The entry into the cehicle wiring system development for series vehicles in 2010 opened the Koch-CableTec the door in the series vehicle. In 2010 the Koch-CableTec became Koch-CableTec GmbH. With the expansion of the company and the relocation to the new business premises in Stuttgart in 2012, the development department was enlarged and the production area of ​​special solutions and prototypes was expanded into series production. We meet the growing demands of our customers by growing the company with their claims. In the meantime, from prototypes to series, we produce all the products our customers want.


forward-looking company orientation

Today we work with highly qualified staff and best technology for domestic and abroad customers.

The highest priority of Koch-CableTec GmbH is the satisfaction of our customers, because their success is also our success.


quality policy

Our quality policy has been prepared by the company management and includes obligations to meet the requirements. The quality policy is checked for appropriateness, constantly evaluated for its appropriateness, and sets a framework for evaluating our quality objectives. Like other business policies, our quality policy needs to be evaluated on a regular basis.

Koch-CableTec GmbH

Koch-CableTec GmbH löst als anerkannter Spezialist Ihre anspruchsvollen Aufgaben rund um Kabel und Leitungen.

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